What is a Culture of Inquiry?

Leveraging a wide range of relevant data and diverse opinions to support deeper learning

Providing frequent opportunities for individuals to explore data together and engage in an open, honest and collaborative dialog on strengthening the institution and learner outcomes

Creating a safe environment for exploration, where information is not used to shame or punish and mistakes are seen as learning opportunities

Utilizing an ongoing process of exploration to expand the collective knowledge base of a practice to better understand how to strengthen conditions for increased levels of student and resident success

The Culture of Inquiry and Learning at Uptown Primary Care

Learning in our practice occurs many ways, from conversations between students/residents/faculty during patient sign-outs, to didactic pre-clinic conferences on common conditions seen in a general internal medicine practice, to frequent clinical pearls posted on social media such as Twitter.

Uptown Primary Care seeks to create an immersive and open learning environment for all students and residents to learn not only the principles of the practice of general internal medicine, but also to learn skills in clinical operations that will allow you to successfully practice general internal medicine.

When you complete your training at Uptown Primary Care, you will be an excellent General Internal Medicine physician and you will also be prepared to serve as the next generation of medical directors and leaders in the field of General Internal Medicine.